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Welcome to the biographical Web site of one of the most remarkable people it has been my good fortune to know - my grandfather, Anatole Loukashkin. We shared many hours together, hunting mushrooms in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park; fishing California's Stanislaus River; hunting the North State's ducks and geese; combing the Sierra Foothills as rockhounds; and just enjoying each other's company. But before I was lucky enough to become his grandson, Anatole Loukashkin had already lived a very full life as a Naturalist in Manchuria, China. Having inherited his library and archives I would like to share my legacy with you. - Andrew B. Goreff (Andrei Gariaev)

A. S. Loukashkin with Owl (Asio otus otus)
Feb 27, 1936 - Harbin, China

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Анатолий Стефaнович Лукашкин (1901-1988; русский орнитолог, зоолог и видный общественный деятель Русского Зарубежья
Nov 5, 2015
 Hunting/Ecological Journal Vol. 1
The first of over ten volumes of field notes, drawings, and photographs. (in Russian).
January 8, 2015
 Audio clips converted to MP3. February 12, 2015
The Manchurian Tiger July 3, 1997
With the Orochons August 7, 1997
On the Avifauna of North Manchuria July 15, 1997
On the Pikas of North Manchuria April 6, 2000
Letters from Harbin (audio/russian) May 18, 2001

Loukashkin Archive: Museum of Russian Culture

February 10, 2009

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